Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Big Brother

Ever since I can remember, my big brother has always been there.  Being a second child in a family of four, I never knew what it was to be alone.  There was always someone to watch and learn what was coming next whether it be with teachers in school, standardized testing, or general life events.  Throughout all of my years, I became known as Jonathan Peeples little sister, and this was a name I felt like I had to live up to.  

For example, when we were kids, Jonathan loved the movie, The Hobbit, so naturally, I loved The Hobbit.  In lower elementary school, Jonathan had an amazing memory and for school, learned by heart the longest poems in our book, like the Jabberwocky and You Are Old Father William.  I was not as skilled in this area, but I tried my darndest.  In upper elementary, Jonathan loved playing baseball, so I signed up for softball.  In high school, Jonathan loved going to see bands, so I wanted to go to the shows too.  I tried to live up to my nickname by being as smart, witty, and well-rounded as my brother.

Recently, our family is moving into a new phase of our lives.  Jonathan graduated from medical school, and if this wasn't enough of a change, he is moving to New Hampshire to complete his residency at Dartmouth.  Now, we kids have moved out of the house to go to college, but we always knew we would be back.  None of us have ever lived more than a few hours away.  None of us has ever missed a major holiday with the family.  None of us has ever graduated from a professional school before.  I feel like when Rachel has to move out when Chandler and Monica decide to move in together.  (If you have no idea what I am talking about, shame on you!)  

It's like the end of an era!!

Although these last few weeks before Jonathan moves are bittersweet, I can't help but express the fact, that I am so proud of my big brother and all that he has accomplished.  I know that he has many more great things to come.  All that I have left to say is that I love you and will miss you terribly!

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