Monday, December 30, 2013

For There Your Heart Will Be Update

Most of you remember my post from a year back when I showed pictures of when my in-laws house burned down.  Although it has been a tough year for all of us, especially my in-laws, we have learned that time marches on.  We were truly blessed by the wonderful family and friends that supported us through the journey.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all of the prayers.  We could not have done it without you.

Right after the fire occurred, the Millings were in shock, needless to say.  All they had were the clothes on their back and each other.  Immediately, the blessings began to flow in.  Mr. Milling's boss owned a farmhouse in Madison that no one was living in that he offered for them to stay in until they found a more permanent home.  The house that they stayed in just happened to be previously owned by Dr. Perry.  You don't know Dr. Perry?  He is the father of a fairly popular band.  I think it is something like The Band Perry... or something like that : ) Neat side note.

Friends and family gathered clothes, money, and gift cards for the Millings to help rebuild what they had lost.  The community took it upon themselves to clean anything that was salvageable.  So many pictures and memories were saved due to their quick action.  Every little piece of the Milling's past that was saved was a small gift from God.  While the they were in the farmhouse, they decided they liked the area and needed a new start.  They bought a lot and began to build a new dream home.  Here are a few pictures of the new home sweet home:

New home!!!  They have built a beautiful 5 bedrooms with 4 1/2 bath house.  Yes, it is for two people, but Mrs. Lisa created rooms that I have never heard of before.  They have the Master bedroom, of course, guest bedroom, and an upstairs guest suite.  The other bedrooms have become a workout room and a sitting room.  They have an additional room that is their office.  I never knew I needed so many rooms, but now I want some that I can name.  I want my own work out room and maybe a craft room and a gift wrapping room and a painting room and... I digress.
Peacock tree!!  We were at the Millings for
Christmas morning.  This tree was given to the
Millings right after the fire.  Some friends had
bought a tree the previous year to give to
someone in need of one the next year.  It
meant so much to my in-laws!
Look at all of these presents!  They filled the area beneath
the tree and had to wrap around into the dining room.

Dining room: Everything was picked by Mrs. Lisa and
Mr. David carries out her vision.  They are a
pretty serious design team.
China cabinet: most of Mrs. Lisa's china
was found in the old home's remains.  It
was washed and returned to its original

Breakfast anyone??  I learned very quickly that it is a
Christmas tradition for Mr. David to make cinnamon
rolls for breakfast.  This year's version were fantastic!

Mrs. Lisa was able to stop running around for a brief photo-op
 with Matt.

Anna with her Christmas coffee!

Beautiful mantle with a Pottery barn nativity scene that the
 Millings weregiven last Christmas post fire.

Do you see all of those bows? Yes, these were on all of
the gifts under the tree.  I felt like I was at another wedding
shower.  I certainly haven't opened that many presents since
that time.

This is what Mrs. Lisa calls the Holding room, I think.  It is
in the same area as the kitchen and has a fantastic view of the
woods out the back of their house.

Sorry about the lighting in this picture.  It does not give
this room justice.  This is part of the guest suite that is over
the garage.  To the left of the picture is a half stair that leads
to a big guest bed.  The Millings had Anna staying with
them, so I didn't want to invade the bedroom area.

Master bedroom: I love the color palette Mrs. Lisa chose!
The gray is so soothing and classy. 

Master bathroom with a huge tub and his and hers sinks

I am completely jealous of their shower!

This year, Matt and I had the holiday season so easy!  We are going to get spoiled.  We typically do Christmas eve with my family, Christmas morning with Matt's family, Christmas lunch with my family, and Christmas dinner with Matt's family.  The driving back and forth was getting crazy, and Matt and I were never able to just enjoy the holiday.  We were always worried about getting to the next event in time.  But this year, since my brothers, Jonathan and Jeff, were not here for Christmas, my mom decided not to do a big Christmas lunch.  The Millings invited them to eat at their house with all of us.  I cannot tell you how much easier it was on us.  Like I said, we are going to get spoiled!  We all had such a good time and the food was delicious.  Here are a few memories from the easiest Christmas of my married life:

Peeples family relaxing after a very large lunch.  I think
it is nap time!

Brother/sister time

I think this was the first time Mrs. Lisa sat down that day.

Christmas ladies!

The men claimed the couch in the name of men everywhere

I am so thankful for two wonderful sets of parents that love
us and have accepted the changes that a marriage can
bring.  I love that we don't have two families; we have
one large one.

Merry Milling Christmas!!  XOXO Matt
and Emilee