Friday, August 10, 2012

Bright Lights and Stars

One of the things I find the most joy in, are my sweet, beautiful friends.  I always tell them that even though there may be gaps between our visits, we will always be friends because they share a piece of my heart.  I love how they know so much about me and they still will be there for me no matter what.  They are all so special to me, but I am going to tell y'all about a recent event that took place in my life that really explains a lot about one of these friendships that I cherish so dearly.

Taylor is one of my oldest friends.  The thing about Taylor is, you know when you are going to hang out with her that you are going to have a blast!  She is just fun and spontaneous, and I so admire this about her.  She never leaves someone without them having a smile on their face.  I love how if I want to do something out of the ordinary, I know I can call her and she is up for absolutely anything.  That was the case this time...

This is Taylor and I standing in line to audition for James Franco's movie, As I Lay Dying.  My older brother gave me the idea, and I knew that the chances of me ever having time to audition for a Hollywood movie may never come around again.  I knew exactly who to call to do this with me!  

We dug out a photo, and headed over to New Stage Theater.  When we got there, we were cracking up over these pictures because we were pretty much the only ones without a serious Hollywood headshot.  We just knew that the casting directors were going to think, "Only in Mississippi will we have a bride or a girl hugging the tree.  What were they thinking??"

We rounded the corner!  We can see the door!  We had gotten to the theater at 5:00, which had put us somewhere in the middle of the line.  There were girls that had been there since 1:00 in the afternoon.  It was pretty serious. 
During this waiting period, they had three news stations show up to take interviews...two out of the three came directly up to Taylor and me to ask if they could interview us.  We looked at each other, laughed, and politely declined.  Nobody around us could believe that we would dare do that!  Everyone was jumping at the chance to be on T.V.  We just sat back and let the entertainment begin.  We were definitely around some pretty intense characters.

We saw several interesting things while we waited...

Taylor and I finally made it to the door around 9:00.  We are glowing like true southern women that had been out in the 90 degree heat for four hours.  The casting directors wanted girls between the age 16-25 that were well kept and attractive.  We decided that they figured if we could look decent after this waiting period then we might look okay anytime.  I think we fully achieved that :)

Once we got through the doors, we encountered another hurdle.  We filled out a few forms and had our pictures taken with our names, and we waited some more.  This is when the best part of this story occurs.  It was seriously the funniest thing that had happened all day.  Here is how the story went:

During this waiting period, a really special girl (who we nicknamed Kathy) that had been entertaining us all day, asked Taylor if she thought she had enough time to go to the bathroom.  Taylor said, "Um, yea probably."  Taylor was taken aback because she knew just as much as Kathy did.  She had no idea.  Kathy leaves and goes to the bathroom, and we go back to chatting.  A few minutes later, Kathy returns and taps Taylor on the shoulder again.  "I think I was ahead of you in line.  If I could just..."  And squeezes between Taylor and me.

Taylor's face was absolutely priceless.  We start cracking up and I say, "Aw, girl, I hate you are all the way back there.  I am going to join you."  Okay, silly story...but it doesn't end here.

We had been in line for 5 hours, it had been hours and hours since my last meal, and I wasn't thinking very clearly.  This is my lame attempt of an excuse.  While we are waiting inside, some of the girls decided to slightly move out of the line and take a seat on a nearby bench.  Kathy was one of these girls.  I lean over to Taylor and say, "Do you dare me?"  Of course she knew exactly what I was talking about.  I decide to step up in line and close the gap that her presence had left before she sat down.  Kathy started eyeing me, but she wasn't going to get up just yet.  The line wasn't moving.  We stood in this tense bubble for about five minutes.  When the women were called, I stood my ground.  I was standing about a hand's length from the girl in front of me, and Kathy proceeds to wedge herself between us.  I stood firm and she PUSHED me back in line.  She pushed me so hard that I bumped into Taylor.  We lose it!  We cannot contain ourselves!  We enter our audition laughing and completely at ease, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. 

I hope this paints a picture of Taylor and my friendship.  She is a special person to me and has been a sister to me for as long as I can remember.  

My awesome Maid of Honor bringing me hot tea to calm my wedding jitters.  I love you, Tay!

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